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Do you think that trust is important?

We do!

It’s not easy to gain confidence, both in people and a certain company. Our clients are people with high expectations. That is the most challenging thing which makes Vladius stronger. That is the reason why we stand tall.

Irina Shayk 2


Vladius is a company that began its work in 2004 with a great passion for luxury cars. Since then Vladius has expanded its rental business around the world and improved the quality of it. We are very proud that Vladius is the first choice for many clients. Belief they have in us is what gives Vladius energy to be even better.

We focus on every single client. We value a good partnership because this is not just a business. This is our passion.

Safety first

Vladius appreciate the importance of safety. Private security that we offer is professionally trained and adapted to all needs and desires of our clients. It’s a security that allows totally relaxed state of mind at any place.


Irina Shayk 1
Irina Shayk is one of the clients who recognized a reliabled partner in us and gave us her trust. As one of the most successful ladies in the world of fashion, the Russian model has made Vladius proud and happy with her choice.


Vladius put your needs first, and we always aim to deliver superior customer experience.